Vandalism at field 8,4,18

Vandals have messed up the newly laid paving flags, the table, broken the portaloo and had a go at breaking into the left hand cabin. At the moment the lock on the left hand cabin is broken and jammed. Phil. H. is going down to assess the damage and Paul P. is going to get a lock.  Until sorted the cabin cannot be opened. Updates will be posted! Thanks Paul For your immediate help with it all.

Bob. B.

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  1. All,

    Phil Heaton has phoned the toilet people who will come and have a look; for now and until further notice, the toilet is out of action and is not to be used.

    It is an inconvenience.


  2. Peter Najda says:

    It’s not, it’s a convenience:)
    What a set of bxxxxxds

  3. Robert Brown says:

    The lock has been replaced – the combination is the same as before. The damaged flags have been removed from the shed entrance and broken glass etc. has been collected up. Thanks to all who sorted it so quickly.

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