New BMFA Membership Portal

The new membership system is now up and running (link below).








If you were registered on the old system, with an active email address you should have received an email with details of how to log into the new system.

For members who are computer savvy, it would be good if they did log on and make sure their personal information was correct and up to date.

You need to click on the ‘My Profile’ icon to check and update your details.

If you did your membership through a club, you should already be shown as a member of that club. This is known as your primary club.

If you are a country member or a member a few clubs, you can request to be shown as a member of the clubs, by using the ‘Select Club’ search facility (top right of the screen).

The club will only show up on the new system if the club BMFA membership online administrator has up dated the club profile and included what is called the ‘Geo Location’ to show where the club is situated on Google maps.

If you can not find your other clubs, it is most likely because the club details have not been updated on the new system by the club administrator.

Your request to join the club is then sent to the club administrator to accept or reject your request.

You may have also received an email from a club asking you to confirm your membership of that club. This will have come from that club administrator. The club administrators have limited search facilities (to comply with data protection laws). If your details are not right (i.e. no date of birth, incorrect date of birth, no email address or incorrect email address) the club administrator might struggle to find your details on the new system.

It is early days and as with any new computer programme, there will be a few bugs and teething problems.

Martin Lynn,
DDMAC Membership Secretary.

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