New BMFA CAA approved Flying Test

The BMFA now have their own online test, which the CAA will recognise as meeting the requirements as per their new pilot competency test (becomes law on 30th November 2019).

‘CAA Recognised Registration Competency Certificate’
The other exemptions so you do not need to take the test, such as holding a BMFA ‘A’ certificate or LMA proficiency, are still in force and this has now been extended to holders of BMFA Basic Proficiency Certificates (BPC’s).

If you do decide to do the BMFA test and pass it, you get a certificate at the end. You can then up load this to your BMFA membership profile, through the BMFA membership portal (it tells you at the end, how to do this). It then shows on your BMFA membership certificate as an achievement (RCC), together with you other certificates.

There are 2 tests you can do one for model aircraft and one for camera equipped aircraft (they are similar).

There will also be a paper version of this test available shortly and members with no online access, will be able to take the test, in the presence of a BMFA examiner or club committee member and get it signed off and submitted to prove their competency.

The link to do the test is below:

Martin Lynn,
DDMAC Membership Secretary.

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