Tuesday 13th August 2019 12.30pm Tuition & Advice Session

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      Martin Lynn

      This session is currently going ahead, subject to the weather conditions on the day. Please check this post again, on the morning of Tuesday 13/8/2019, to confirm if the session is going ahead.

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      Martin Lynn

      This session as going ahead. I will be down at the field for 12.30pm

      The current forecast is suggesting, it will be cloudy with sunny spells.  It is going to be quite windy too, with a moderate to strong Westerly (12 mph with gusts to 22 mph).

      One of the club fixed wing training aircraft, will be available for the afternoon tuition session.

      Everyone is welcome.

      We have the air cadet field visit around 6.45pm this evening too, for anyone who can help out with that.


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      Sorry Martin will not be able to get there today or tonight. I’m afraid I have pulled my back again and have trouble moving. Carol has tried the heat treatment, cold treatment and balsam treatment which she seemed to enjoy a bit too much for my liking. Anyway it did not work. See you when I can



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