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      John Evans

      The field is under water again will be a number of days before we can get access . Looks like the cabins are flooded and all the pallets have floated towards the fence in the car park everything else we have is under water

      there will be a substantial amount of cleaning up will try to keep members informed when that will take place and would expect a very large turnout on that day.



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      John Evans

      <p style=”text-align: right;”>The field is accessible but only up to the chain debris is piled up going down in the morning arranged to use tractor to move it the next obstacle is the pallets that have stacked against the field entrance fence manpower will be required to stack again arranged to use forklift once we get in to field bringing jet wash down with generator shed one has been under water and may be knackered help would be appreciated from noon onwards tomorrow</p>

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      Martin Lynn

      Thank you to everyone who helped tidy and clear up down at the flying field today. The car park and field are now accessible after we cleared all the wood and pallets away from the metal barrier. The force of the water had pushed the wood into the barrier and bent the metal bar. There is still some work to do to clear the remaining wood and debris. Two of the cabins have been washed and cleaned out, to remove the mud left after they flooded. The main storage cabin is still to do. The pits area is still under water and some of the main flying area is still to clear. Graham and I had a flight off the water with the Skipper water aircraft. Subject to no further flooding, I would think the field and pits area should be completely clear of water by the weekend. However, the weekend forecast does not look good, with more strong winds and rain showers (hopefully not enough rain to cause any further flooding).

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