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      John Evans

      The members that have not been to the field since the flood, the entrance to the field is a mess and would suggest no one tries to drive in, the pit area its very boggy and very slippery, again I would ask any member wanting to fly ( field itself is ok ) to us the front of the large container has the pit area. then use the mower entrance to get on and off the field. be careful walking in or out its very slippery all over.

      We can only wait and see what happens this weekend suffice to say humping the water from Dave,s compound was not the most economical way to jet wash all three containers out. At the meeting I suggested we get a 1000 litre LBC container gutter the large container to collect rain water for future use.

      Having measured up the, total cost will not been more than £120.00. This includes the LBC tank and 2 more 50 gallon drums, one which will be made into another burning bin ( other is down the river ).

      Weather dependant I am going to pick up all the material required on Monday and would anticipate being at the field about 12 / 1.00 o/clock.

      Any four or five or even more people willing to help would be appreciate as ever it will get done regardless, and lastly wind direction will determine whether we set fire to the remaining wood left in the car park.

      Thank you to everyone who helped and look forward to your continued support.



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      Blooming eck!! It sounds pretty grim at the flying field and surrounding area! Hopefully Dennis won`t be as destructive as Ciara and the field/cabins will escape unscathed.

      As usual a BIG thank you to our Chief and every other member who have kindly donated their time and muscle power to clean up all the mess from last week`s flood.

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      Martin Lynn

      The field is clear of water at the moment (1005 Sunday 16/2/2020). However, the river is nearly to the top of the flood embankment. The fields on the opposite side are flooded. It will depend on how much rain falls in the next few hours. Hopefully the rivers have peaked and will not rise any higher.


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