CAA UK Drone Registration Scheme Proposed Charges

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      Martin Lynn

      The CAA have published their proposed charges for the Drone Registration Scheme which is planned to come into force on 30th November this year (link below).

      Below is text from an earlier publication, when they suggested they would get quarter of a million registrations. The number is revised in the publication to 170,000.

      I cannot see how, they are not going to get any way near the number of registrations they are predicting. The BMFA has at tops 35,000 members. The LMA about a 1000 (but a lot of them are in the BMFA too). If you add on a few more, I doubt it will even get to 50,000 registrations.

      The implication from that, is that the annual registration fee, would end up been more than 3 times the proposed £16.50 (most likely well over £50.00 per year).

      I ask that all DDMAC members take a look at the proposal (follow the link above) and submit a suitable, but sensible response to the proposal, expressing their concerns.

      There is a document (link below), on the BMFA website giving some more detail:

      Martin Lynn,
      DDMAC Membership Secretary.

      3.11 The CAA proposed charge is £16.50 per drone operator registration on an annual basis, subject to review of registration volumes, any refinement of cost estimates and with the intention of moving to a 3-year period at a later date (subject to sustainability of running costs). This is based on the estimate of 251,000 registrations (initial registrations and renewals) in the first 18-month period to 31 March 2021 that includes both drone operators and model aircraft operators. To reach this estimate, we have looked at the volume of registrations in the USA and Ireland over a comparable period and against UK population levels. 3.12 The volume uncertainty means that there is some financial risk to the CAA depending on how close the above assumption is to the actual level of volumes.  If the actual volumes were half the level assumed, the under recovery and loss to the CAA would be around £1.8m over an 18-month period.

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      After watching the video;

      All i can say is wow,are we being taken for fools or what!!

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