Black Horse Hurricane re maiden

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      Paul Phelps

      here is photo of the Black Horse Hurricane I inherited from Sonny after todays maiden flight following the rebuild.

      Black Horse Hurricane 1500mm wingspan, 2850gms all up take off weight.  37.8dm 2   WL  75.5gms/dm2  power req 785 to 940w    Turnigy SK3 4240  740kv motor rated at 870w 50amp max.   Hobbywing Skywalker 80mp esc  with 5amp BEC Turnigy 3000mah 5s 30c lipo(430gms) 30gms nose weight and 25gm spinner nut,  12x8jxf 20v 1/2t 16amp 330w, 2/3t 27a 550w, 3/4t 36a 690w, FF 51a 960w. Throttle curve 0,25,50,74, 82%max.   rudder, aileron and flap servosTurnigy TSS-11MGA 11g 2.2-2.5kgf digital MG ball bearing servo. Elevator servo Macgregor MG1703 DS 17g 3 to 3.3kgf metal gear servo. Maiden flight time 4.5 mins 55% left on lipo.

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