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    Keith Toynton

    Hello All

    I am seeking some advice please, I bought a Riot XL which fell out of the sky after its second turn into the downwind leg resulting in a bag of bits. On inspection the ESC had fried, I was fortuate that the model shop relaced the plane, I bought an (allegedly) better ESC. However I now want to fit a seperate batery to power the receiver I believe I need to remove on of the wires (is it called the BEC/) they are Brown Red & Yellow, can someone tell me which one please? Also as it comes in the fuselage it is strapped above a ply plate with the battery going beneath this ply plate using the same strap to my mind crushing the ESC is this acceptable.

    on another matter my radio set (Futaba 6EX) is now nine years old, do you think the battery within should be replaced? Any help will be gratfully appreciated.

    many thanks Keith

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    Martin Lynn


    With regard to the speed controller you can disconnect either of the power supply wires. In your case it will be the brown or red ones. The yellow wire is the signal wire. Some speed controllers have red black and white wires. The red and black are the power supply and the white the signal wire. In this case you disconnect the black or red (most people disconnect the red). I tend not to touch the wires on the speed controller and use a short servo extension type lead between the speed controller and the receiver. I completely remove the red wire from the extension lead and this is effectively does the same thing. It means you do not have to try and reconnect the fitted speed controller wires if you want to use in its traditional manner.

    With regards to the transmitter battery, after 9 years it may be time to replace it.


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