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‘Wingtra’ Flight Testing & Demonstration

I have been contacted by representatives from ‘wingtra’ (link below) to see if they could use our field on the mornings of Wednesday 16th and possibly Thursday 17th May 2018, to test and...


Vandalism at field 8,4,18

Vandals have messed up the newly laid paving flags, the table, broken the portaloo and had a go at breaking into the left hand cabin. At the moment the lock on the left hand...


Marsden Moor Soaring Association Affiliation

I have renewed the club affiliation to the Marsden Moor Soaring Association for the 2018/2019 season. Our current membership affiliation expires on 28/2/2018. The new subscription for 2018/2019 should show on the Marsden Moor Soaring...

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