CAA Operator ID Number – Further Updates 17th February 2020

The CAA have issued a further exemption today Monday 17th February 2020 (document 1345 – link below), that means BMFA, LMA and a few other association members, do not have to display an Operator Number on their aircraft until 30th June 2020.

The significance of 30th June 2020 is that, this is the date that the full new EASA flying regulations are due to come into force. Everything could change again on this date. Let’s just hope some common sense prevails and that they leave members of the BMFA and other recognised associations alone and let us get on with flying our aircraft, without any further unnecessary interference.

This document exemption replaces the previous exemption document number 1332, which is now revoked and no longer valid.

If you do not want to display an operator number on your aircraft, you need to have a copy of the new document (1345) with you, together with proof of your BMFA or other association membership.

For members who did their CAA Operator number application through the BMFA or LMA, please keep an eye on your emails as the registrations are starting to come through (check you SPAM folder as a lot seem to be ending up there). Theses emails come direct from the CAA not the BMFA.

CAA Exemption Document 1345 Link (exemption not to display operator ID number until 30th June 2020)

Martin Lynn,
DDMAC Membership Secretary.

Mobile: 07802 725 231

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