BMFA Full Council Meeting Update Proposed Subs for 2019 & Safety Updates

I attended the BMFA full council meeting in Leicester on Saturday 8th September, in my capacity as BMFA Northern area delegate to the full BMFA council.

Below are a few items that may be of interest or cause some comments at club level.


The treasurer presented his proposed budget for 2019/2020 (this will affect the subscriptions for the start of 2019). The budget proposal must be presented at the BMFA AGM on 17/11/2018 for approval or amendment. I will be attending and will be asked to vote, as the Northern area delegate to full council. We have our Northern meeting on 2/11/2018, where we will have to decide how the Northern area want me to vote.

The main issue is that he is proposing an increase in senior membership subs from £34.00 to £38.00 (a significant increase of £4.00 or 12% whichever way you want to put it).

I voted yesterday to support the budget with the increase, to be put to the AGM.  Whether it is voted in at the AGM is another matter.

The 2 main reasons for the proposed increase are detailed below:

Membership Numbers.

The main reason for the large proposed increase is projected and actual member numbers being down. The BMFA finances have being worked out based on having around 35,000 members. This year it is likely to fall to 33500 (drop of around 1500) and if we lose another 1000 next year it will be down to nearer 32000. This equates to around £100,000.00 in lost revenue.

Insurance Costs.

The BMFA 3rd party insurance, personal accident insurance and other cover for clubs and committee liability’s, costs around £360,000.00 a year (over a quarter of the yearly budget). I knew the insurance was a significant cost but had not realised it was quite this much.

As part of the insurance deal, there is a sort of cash back incentive of around £35,000.00 a year, if the claims are low. In the past this money has come back into the pot.

This year there is a good chance the money will not be forthcoming, due to a significant increase in claims, mainly from members crashing into other members vehicles or expensive aircraft in pits areas. The BMFA are looking into to the claims, but it now seems unlikely the £35.000.00, will be paid back this year, leaving another shortfall in the income.


I have attached a document from the safety review committee (link below)

Safety Review Document

There are couple of couple of points, relating to using 3rd party receivers, with modern computer transmitters after software upgrades (basically they may not work properly).

There is also an item about some of the newer wireless buddy connections not working if the master transmitter holder turns his back to the pupil (the established Spektrum one seems to be okay).

New Computer Membership System.

It is hoped the new BMFA computer membership system will go live on 21st September 2018 (this could change).

I will give a full update and answer any questions at our club October 2018 meeting  (I am not available for the September meeting).

Martin Lynn,

BMFA Northern Area Delegate to Full Council.

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