Club Meetings

Due to the Coronavirus situation the April 2020 DDMAC meeting is cancelled. We will update members later, about future club meetings.

All the club meetings commence at 7.30pm on the second Thursday of the month. The majority of meetings are held at Batley RAFA Club.

The June, July and August summer meetings are held down at the flying field, in the club cabin, with a view to combining some flying with the meeting and hopefully taking advantage of some evening summer sun.

The next club meeting is at 7.30pm Thursday 9th April 2020, at Batley RAFA Club.

Batley RAFA Club is situated at the top of Batley Market Place, nearly opposite the swimming baths. The postal address is:

Batley RAFA Club,
Broughton House,
Cambridge Street,
WF17 5JH

Batley RAFA Club

DDMAC Future Meeting Dates & Venue

DateVenueSpecial Event
13/2/2020Batley RAFA ClubClub Meeting
12/3/2020Batley RAFA ClubClub Meeting
9/4/2020Batley RAFA ClubClub Meeting
14/5/2020Batley RAFA ClubClub Meeting
11/6/2020Club Cabin DDMAC Flying FieldClub Meeting & Pie & Pea Supper
9/7/2020Club Cabin DDMAC Flying FieldClub Meeting
18/8/2020Club Cabin DDMAC Flying FieldClub Meeting & Fish & Chip Supper
10/9/2020Batley RAFA ClubClub Meeting
8/10/2020Batley RAFA ClubClub Meeting
12/11/2020Batley RAFA ClubClub Meeting
10/12/2020Batley RAFA ClubClub Meeting & AGM
14/1/2021Batley RAFA ClubClub Meeting
11/2/2021Batley RAFA ClubClub Meeting

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