2019 Thursday Evening Tuition & Advice Sessions

The Thursday evening tuition sessions have been discussed at the last 2 club meetings. The consensus of the people present at the meetings, was that we should hold these sessions if we can.

However, there was no one person able to commit to running the sessions on a regular basis.

Please remember that all the club instructors are volunteers and give their time free of charge, to offer advice and assist other members to learn to fly.

In view of the above, any instructor who is available on a Thursday evening, from Thursday 18th April 2019 onwards, will be asked to use the ‘Are you going flying today’ section on the club forum, or the club WhatsApp group, to let members know that they are going to the field on a Thursday evening and will be available to offer advice and tuition.

If you are not already in the WhatsApp group, please ask Martin Lynn if you want to join and confirm your mobile number.

Thank you for everyone’s continued support.

Martin Lynn,
DDMAC Training Coordinator.

‘Are you going flying today’ forum link


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